The Ringweaver Chronicles


The sun is rising in reverse, and the moon with it. The Four Great Beasts of Cataclysm have risen and they aim to destroy the world. This is a story of legend, an event that happened some 2000 years ago. It was an age where the god Klysmos sought to unmake the world, only to be stopped by a group of would-be gods. They put the beasts to sleep. They killed the God of Destruction… They became gods.

At least that is what the world was made to believe.

On the 5th of Falswar the sun and moon froze in their orbits before they began to reverse. The Great Beasts woke up. A group of prophets left their hidden city to meet with the kings and queens of the land to say that among their people were heroes who would go forth and stop these beasts and put right the world. They could restore the days and the nights with the blessings of the hero gods who came before them… but not everything spoken in the old stories is true. Klysmos still lives, and now he's begun his work anew.

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